Monday, July 28, 2014

Ditching the DVD Cases

You already know we have a hair bow problem...
Well, this is my confession that we also have a DVD problem.  Two entire cabinets in my entertainment center were filled with DVDs.
DVD storage
Why so many DVDs?  I feel the need to defend myself a little here.  We don't have satellite or cable.  So if there is a cartoon or series that the girls like, they usually end up with the episodes on DVD. 
The bad part was Miss Avery would drag all the cases into a pile on the floor to pick out which DVD she wanted to watch...only to find the case empty...the DVD nowhere to be found...and then have a meltdown.

I had picked those cases up one too many times when I found this storage case on Amazon.  It was less than $12 and it held over 280 DVDs.  Easily enough space for our collection of DVDs.

After Miss Averycakes and I sorted through and pulled out the DVDs that they didn't watch anymore or were duplicates, we put the rest in the DVD holder.  Look how much open space we saved!
This opened up more toy storage inside the entertainment center.  More storage is always better. The best part is when she flips through the DVD case, she doesn't see any of the cases for the missing DVDs.  The only ones she can pick from are the ones that are right there.

I decided to leave the grown-up movies in their original case since there weren't very many and I didn't want to mix them up with the kids' DVDs since Avery can't read the titles yet.  I'd hate for her to get Cinderella Man instead of Cinderella and have another meltdown.
DVD Organization
This is was a quick and easy project that added so much more storage to our family room.  And you can never have enough storage! 

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Friday, July 25, 2014

McKenna's Baptism

Last month, the children at our church went to sing at a local nursing home for the Wednesday night service instead of having their usual youth meeting. We arrived back at church after the regular service was already over and almost everyone had gone home. When we got back in our car to do the same McKenna asked, "What is that thing people do sometimes at church where you go under the water?"
"Do you mean getting baptized?"
"Yes. Baptized.  I think I need to get baptized."
I explained that she had to accept Christ before she could be baptized and she said she wanted to.  I told her it was a big decision and asked if she wanted to think about it until Sunday and talk to the Pastor after church. She said she wanted to do it right then so we marched right over to the parsonage and knocked on the Pastor's door.
He asked her a few questions to make sure she understood what she was doing and they prayed together right there in his living room for Jesus to come into her heart and forgive her of all of her sins.
She was so happy and excited on the way home.  She said, "Now I feel different, but in a good way." Her Mama was pretty excited too!  What a relief to know where she'll spend eternity!  That's one less (enormous) thing for me to worry about!
Last Sunday, she was baptized along with one of her friends at the end of our Sunday service.  Our denomination practices full submersion baptism (since that's the same way Jesus was baptized) and we have a baptistery up front in our church.
I was back there behind the scenes helping her get ready and I shot this little video on my camera of her baptism.

We are so proud of McKenna and can't wait to see what God has in store for her!

This blog is sort of my fun place and creative outlet.  Most of the posts are projects that I've made and little updates around the house.  And I love that.  I love any project that I can challenge myself and figure out a way to make something on my own.  That's fun to me.  And that's okay.

But at the end of the day none of that really matters.  Curtains and picture frames and mantels switched out for each season.  They are not important. 

Knowing Christ matters.  Being forgiven of your sins matters.  Loving everyone and serving others matters.  Telling others about Christ matters.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Sharpie Mug {Porch Sittin' Coffee Drinkin'}

I've been wanting to try on one of these DIY Mugs decorated with a Sharpie forever.  They are all over Pinterest.  I finally found a plain white mug at the Dollar Tree and gave it a whirl!

Dollar Store Mug

If you make one you might want to sketch out what you are going to put up there on paper.  I didn't feel like doing all that and since I only had $1 invested in the mug I didn't feel a lot of pressure for it to be perfect.

So I just started drawing it out on the mug while I was waiting for the coffee to brew.  (That's probably why that "i" in "sittin'" is a little bit unsure if he's going to be an "i" or an "e"...but that gives it character right?)

Porch Sittin Coffee Drinkin
I put my initials and the date on the bottom for fun.

And baked that puppy in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

After it cooled I ran my fingers across the writing to see if it smeared and it was fine!  No smearing at all.  A read a few blog posts with differing results but someone wrote that the key was to get a cheap mug for the project because the glaze will melt easier and allow the marker ink to set.

I'll keep you posted as to how it holds up in the dishwasher!
UPDATE:  Did not survive a trip through the dishwasher.  The design is completely gone.   I'm going to try again and back it at a higher temp. 
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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sister's Barn Yard Baby Shower

I can't believe I never shared pictures from the Barn Yard Baby Shower we threw for my sister way back in February!  The nursery has a farm theme so we decided we would carry that through to the shower. 

We had one little big problem though.  The stage in the Fellowship Hall at my church was still up from the Christmas Play and it needed to stay up for another Show we were having in March.  And taking that bad boy down and putting it back up is a lot of work.

Barnyard Baby Shower

So we decided to make lemons out of lemonade and some of our sweet friends decorated stage left to look like a back porch and stage right to look like the inside of a barn.  They also set up the center barn fa├žade that was left over from a play we did years ago.  We also reused the animals from the Christmas Nativity Scene in the Barn area.

I had my doubts but the end result was so cute!

I managed to snap a few pictures of the details before the shower started.
Barnyard Baby Shower Pictures

Mom totally out-did herself with this fruit display.  See the little piggy on the top?

Mom has Pinterest now.  That is really dangerous.  She found an inspiration somewhere out there for Baby Chick Deviled Eggs so we spent the night before the shower making 6 dozen deviled eggs.  That was a lot of egg peeling.  But they were so cute and we displayed them on the three tiered tray right in the carton.
Baby Shower Deviled Eggs

And no shower is complete without cake!
Farm Shower Cake
I spent the whole time ferociously transcribing gifts and givers but that's what sisters are for!

We had so much fun celebrating my Sister and Brother-in-law that day!  It's hard to believe that my nephew is already 3 months old!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Jewelry Station and Organization

I am so excited to share this project with y'all!  I think its one of my favorite little projects so far.

In our closet we have a little nook built in between my shoe organizer and 3 drawers. It has slowly become a place to cram any and everything.  Yes, that is a fake rat.  His name is Ralph.  (Sister and I find no greater joy in life than secretly hiding him in the other's house...he was last spotted in my one of the drawers below.)

When I saw this project from View Along the Way via I Heart Organizing, I was inspired to clean the space out and dress it up a little.  So long, Ralph!

I wanted to line the insides with fabric where I could hang my necklaces.  But I needed something thick to go under the fabric.  That's where this little cardboard house my girls painted over a year ago that was junking just taking up space in the playroom closet comes in. I needed white cardboard since the fabric I chose from my stash was blue and white.  I cut pieces of the cardboard to fit the inside of my jewelry nook and hot glued the fabric to the back of the cardboard.

To attach the fabric-covered cardboard to the inside of the closet organizer I used a few extra Command Hooks refills.  I LOVE those things!

Here's the view after I attached the cardboard to the "wood."

Then I just added a couple of jewelry holders that I already had.  This one holds all my bracelets.

My favorite part of the whole space is the Pink High Heels print that I found on Etsy by Kelsey McNatt.  I slipped it in a frame I've had forever along with my favorite Instagram picture of my girls.  The "tray" underneath is actually the bottom of a two-tiered cupcake stand that broke off.   

I used straight pins to hold all of my necklaces.  Would-be robbers, don't waste your time coming to my house to steal them...99% of it is costume jewelry :)

My dangle earrings are hanging on an old toothbrush holder I found at my Mom's house.  She keeps everything and clearly the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree.

I found the white "egg crate" for my earrings at World Market and the Blue one at HomeGoods.  Other than the high heels print, those were the only items I bought for the space.  I already had everything else.
Jewelry Organization

And since everybody loves a good before and after... 

What do you think? Do you have a similar spot to display your jewels?

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

White Lake

So we've established my love for vacation crashing.  I mean, if you mention to me you are going on a vacation, I'm likely to show up with my little ones in tow.  Luckily, my friends don't seem to mind and we tagged along for 28 fun-filled hours at White Lake three days after we got home from Myrtle Beach.  (I'm still trying to catch up on the laundry situation.)

We were so busy catching up and having fun that I hardly took any pictures at all.

These don't even do the number of kiddos justice.

There were golf cart rides...

And all sorts of sand creatures created...

And lots of swimming and relaxing!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another Easy Valance

I recently finished curtain #3 of my Sister's Christmas present.  Only two more to go and it's already July.  Maybe I'll have them all done by next Christmas.
Anyway, Curtain #3 is a valance for her laundry room.  I didn't really use a pattern since I knew what I wanted the curtain to look like and it wasn't too complicated.
I started with my fabric cut into the shape of a rectangle.  To figure out the width of the rectangle to cut, I used the following calculation.  "Rod" left and right are the wide the that rod sticks out from the wall.

The length of the fabric was just how long I wanted the valance to hang down plus 1 inch (total) for the top and bottom seam allowances.  Once my fabric was cut I used it as a pattern to cut the lining the same size.
With both the fabric and lining on top of one another, I folded it in half and cut an arch into the fabric.  I cut both pieces at the same time to they would be exactly the same size.  (If you were doing two valances, then I would recommend cutting all the pieces together so they would have the same arch.)

Here's what it looked like after I cut the arch out.
And the same piece once I unfolded it.  See how nice and smooth the arch is?

I pinned the lining to the fabric (right sides together) and headed upstairs to my sewing machine.

Here's what it looked like after sewing.  (NOTE:  To leave a space for the curtain rod, you can't just sew around the whole thing.  Take a look at the diagram in my last valance tutorial for more info.)

I gave it a good ironing and headed straight to my sister's house to hang it.

And here's one more look at the finished product!

Easty To Sew Valance

This was a fun little valance to make and the whole project took less than an hour! 

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Myrtle Beach, SC {2014}

We got back from a fun-filled trip to Myrtle Beach, SC a couple of weeks ago.

We camped in my Mom's motor home, like always, but this time we camped at Apache Campground.   You can read about the other campgrounds we've camped in at Myrtle Beach here and here.  I'll also add a few thoughts on which ones I prefer at the end of the post.

Here's an onslaught of pictures of the highlights of our trip...
The girls had a ball in the kid's splash area in the campground.

We spent two afternoons on the beach.  It was so hot we couldn't survive out there at midday.

Aren't Aunts and Uncles awesome?  They take you out in the ocean when your Mom doesn't want to.

Speaking of Moms...she got a little more than she bargained for from a seagull...Her reaction was priceless.

 This is the easiest baby ever.  He's no trouble at all.  He spent several hours asleep under the umbrella on the beach.

We got all dressed up and went out to the Japanese Steakhouse to celebrate Mom's birthday!

And then we surprised her with an ice cream cake when we got back to the Camper.  She's going to kill me for posting this picture of her in her "housecoat."

We bickered quite a bit over who was going to get to hold the baby next...

We squeezed in a quick round of putt-putt...

The girls and I spent an afternoon at Wonderworks at Broadway at the Beach.
It's basically a 4 story hands on museum with lots of science activities and a few 4D attractions that my girls were too scared to ride.


The top floor has a ropes course overhead.  We were so excited and all three of us were suited up in the ropes and harnesses.  We made it to the top of the stairs and both of my girls freaked out.  Neither was having any part of it.  So we promptly came right back down.

Wonderworks Ropes Course
I did snap a quick pic on Instagram to torture them with later...

And the same child who was too scared to do any of the 4D stuff at Wonderworks and ropes course begged to get in the Water Float outside.  So she spent about 10 minutes running like a hamster on a floating wheel.

Now for my thoughts on where to camp in Myrtle Beach, SC.

If you like to shop and are going to have more people with you than your camper's bathroom can handle...I would recommend Myrtle Beach Travel Park.  They are close to the outlets, are ocean front and have really nice and clean bath houses.

If you have children and like to vacation in one spot (i.e. not leave the campground much), then I would recommend Lakewood.  It has a ton of amenities (Water slides, Shows, Miniature golf, paddle boats, bikes etc.) all in the campground.  The downside of Lakewood is that it is so large it is almost impossible to walk from place to place.

I would recommend Apache if you have kids and still want to be close to the outlets.  I didn't go in the bathhouses this time as they were renovating the one closest to our spot.  The girls enjoyed the pool and splash area (although there was no lifeguard on duty) and we also enjoyed the Pier which had live music nightly.
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